Planning / Land Planning


Effective land planning is fundamentally the key to a successful project.  It is essential to incorporate the developer goals and economic feasibility resulting in a projected positive value and yield balance.  Utilization of the natural site constraints to an aesthetic advantage, or opportunity, can significantly help to support that value.  Public and municipal input is paramount in processing the planning and development guidelines.  The final product should be sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, cohesive with the environment and consistent with market goals and projections.  All of these elements, when applied properly, should result in a sense of value that is imperative for a successful economically feasible development.

Planning Tools:

  • Site Analysis/Natural Features
  • Feasibility/Due Diligence
  • Wetland Analysis
  • Site Investigation/Inventory
  • Value Engineering
  • Preliminary Cost Analysis
  •         Land Use Amendments
  •         Planned Developments
  •         Zoning/Application/Presentation
  •         Conditional Use/Special Exceptions
  •         Variances
  •         Deviations
  •         Easement Vacations
  •         Development Order Applications
  •         Expert Witness Testimony
  •         Interface with Engineering, Surveying and Concept Planning

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